LCoNZ has developed a partnership with ExLibris and Datacom Systems Ltd to provide an integrated library management system, hosted externally.

LCoNZ also offers a full business solution, including hosting and ongoing operational support services.

If you wish to wish to subscribe to any of the products mentioned, please contact the LCoNZ office.


Product Features

Integrated Library Management System

LCoNZ offers Voyager, an integrated library management system designed specifically for academic and research institutions. Voyager is a product of ExLibris, which merged with Endeavor in 2006.  For further details regarding Voyager see:

The current version of Voyager is 8.1.1.

Hosting by Datacom Systems

The Datacom hosted solution provides:

  • Access to a high availability system, contractually specified to meet 99.5% availability on a 24 by 7 basis
  • Load Balancing and Redundancy: Multiple webservers and multiple application servers are utilised to provide both load sharing (balancing) and server redundancy. This ensures that the failure of one server does not impact on the systems availability, and that other servers can be added easily as system usage grows
  • Continuous OPAC: This enables the OPAC to continue operating when the main database is unavailable for short periods which do not necessitate activating Disaster Recovery
  • Provision of a separate test server and disk environment which is large enough for each LCoNZ site to maintain a copy of their production database
  • LCoNZ funded Datacom to ExLibris 500 level certification, which allows Datacom to conduct system upgrades in local time, lowering the cost of software upgrades.

Txt Messaging

Research shows that on average e-mail is opened within 24 hours and replied to within 48 hours, while txt messages are read within 15 minutes and responded to within 60 minutes. 811 out of every 1000 New Zealanders own a mobile phone. Two-thirds of these owners are active users of txt messaging. We have the opportunity to communicate and engage with a majority of our patrons in a medium that is well accepted and used by them.

Txt messaging of notices from the Voyager Library Management System has been implemented. Datacom provide the support to send txt messages to patrons from Voyager. Users have to opt in to the service which has shown steady growth.

Summon Discovery Service

Serials Solution Summon has been implemented at VUW, AUT and Waikato Universities. Summon provides users with a single search and discovery tool to access the information resources provided by these LCoNZ member institutions. See for further information on Summon.

VDX Interlibrary Loan

VDX by OCLC is an electronic interlibrary loan and document request management system. It allows endusers to place and manage borrowing and lending requests between libraries without intervention by library staff. LCoNZ VDX has been put into operation at AUT, Waikato, Otago, VUW and Canterbury universities.

See for further information on VDX.

Institutional Research

LCoNZ has developed multi institutional research repositories for AUT, Waikato and Otago Universities and Unitec using DSpace and hosted by Waikato University Information Technology Services.

Work continues on the development of the repositories and an upgrade to DSpace 4 is planned for 2014.

Andrea Schweer, LCoNZ IRR Technical Specialist has been accepted as a DSpace Committer. Committers have access to accept and commit patches into core DSpace and also vote on the future direction that DSpace will take so it is particularly advantageous for LCoNZ.

LCoNZ has commissioned Tony Millett to prepare Copyright Guidelines for Research Students. The 2nd edition was prepared in 2012. We have made this available for others to download and use as long as they comply with the Creative Commons licence and attribute to Tony Millett and LCoNZ.

We have also identified that one of the major issues with our repositories is that researchers and academic staff do not always have an appropriate level of understanding regarding the different versions of their research outputs. We have therefore produced a Versions Toolkit for use with the repositories (based on the UK TOOLKIT that the London School of Economics and Political Science prepared for JISC).

AUT have completed integration of the institutional repository with the university's research management application and Waikato are currently working on a similar integration.

Notes on Repository Day, September 2013